by Aleya

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A tribute to all of those who wanted better for us at all costs. It's not fun to be strong. It's not the natural condition to have to be strong. It's takes a lot and we cannot take that strength for granted.


Across the divide,
I come for me,
I come for all my family,
I'm wishing for a place where I can stand
Broken back,
Downcast face
I learned there was more than the human race.
I am wishing for a place where I can stand.

Here I am on bended knee,
Praying to a loving God who doesn't love me...
Who am I to hope and yearn,
To dignify myself with the drive I've earned to

Cho: Hustle...

Verse 2:
I am your cousin,
I see my child,
I extend my hand from here.
Onward and upward,
I'm searching, I'm searching,
I've got to leave all I love behind.

There is an over-abundance held in a chalice
That I must pray to find...
Tell me it's not just in my mind?!
Tell me there is a better time when I don't always have to...

Cho: Hustle...
I'm always hustling...
I'm always moving, and moving....





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Aleya Los Angeles, California

Aleya has many contemporary influences. Always pushing for new sonic territory and stories to tell!

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