Escapist Talk

by Aleya

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released 07 April 2014




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Aleya New York, New York

Aleya has many contemporary influences. Her use of live-looping and layered vocals point to a unique style that is both dynamic and recognizable.

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Track Name: Lies That I Believe
I drift on a river in a raft boat.
I never catch myself.
My life is a shiver on a cold brow.
Don't wanna wear me down.
Holding tight, just to let go.
Thirsty but I drink from a thimble.
All this time waiting to hear so
Would you speak when the whistle blows?

Cho: And the truth is I didn't wait for your call
And the truth is you didn't miss me at all
And the truth is I'm getting too old to see
What the truth is: Is only lies that I believe.

I bet you would give up if you saw it, if you knew it too.
I guess it would figure, but you know I never knew to quit.
All that you want, all that you feel
All that you think, seems so surreal
Now that you look deep in my eyes
Can you see the truth from the lies?
Track Name: Escapist Talk
Hold tight in the thick of it,
I bet you figured me out, trying to get a piece of it...
Oh no... Mic check? Isn't anybody listening?
But when I look at it half the time
I just can't get no peace of mind.
The more I search, the more I climb.
I figure that's the dotted line.

Cho: But will you sail away with me again?

All right, get ahead of it.
Don't think you want to be downwind when you get a whiff,
Hard right! Lean into the skid of it,
That's what they say you should do.
But when I look at it half time
I just can't get no peace of mind.
The more I search, the more I climb.
I figure that's the dotted line.

Cho: But will you sail away with me again?
Track Name: Friendly Fire
With an arrow and bow you shoot me down and you pick me up....

Verse 1:
Dear little friends,
What news have you for me?
It's been a year and some days...
All that has been
And all that I've seen
Like quartz, my heart ticks away...

Oh my god!
I should know better
Than to sit and reminisce.
And all at once I feel much better
It's too hard to resist...

With an arrow and bow...

Verse 2:
Over the years
With eyes on things to come
I've learned to live with delays

Undo the fears
And hold them ransom
Avert that future-bound gaze...

Oh my god!
I should know better
Than to live for the pay

Cause tomorrows
Are like the weather
Better to live for today...

With an arrow and bow...
Track Name: Liquid Nitrogen
Do you every feel contagious?
Or like some caustic substance?
It's absurd and it's outrageous
But I just breathe in the fumes.

I'm gonna tear you up and tear you down, what d'you think about that?

So you try to say something to ease my mind,
Something to take the time away from me
And turn it into this liquid nitrogen and oxygen
Liquid nitrogen and oxygen...

I was once tepid... even naive.
Now I am something only Kelvin would recognize
With this liquid nitrogen and oxygen,
Liquid nitrogen and oxygen...
Track Name: Safe
I am safe when I am alone, I am safe with you, I am safe with you...

And your eyes are on me... and your hands are on me...
And your lips are on me... 'cause you're always on my mind...
And your eyes are on me... and your lips are one me....
And your lips are on me... 'cause you're always on my mind...
Track Name: Ayoh!
To try is to be and I want never to "have been."
In the end, it's up to you and me and... ah...
Aim and accuracy have never meant that much to me.
All in the air, what do the fruits of my labour bear?
I'm running on a treadmill, can't hold still. I'm running.
Well does it scare you if I want it, want it
Bad as I do, just watch me, watch me pushing past you.
I'm gonna pull through.
I'm gonna pass you.
Track Name: Rocky Road, Comfy Shoes
Visions of the past cloud my elixirs
I'm drinking, forgetting through mixtures
Everybody needs something to get by.
And I don't cry, don't get high, just don't leave my cup too dry
And you ask me why? I'll say...

You won't ever know.

I don't worry 'bout this,
I don't worry 'bout that,
'Cause my intuition's been telling me everything will be all right.
Track Name: The Right One
Cho: Always try to choose the right, choose the right one.

In the night, I stay here dreaming...
That I'll find what I've been seeking...
I turned the dial on all misgivings
And gave a line to what I'm feeling.
In the dusk of youth's last peaking
I feel a rush much like a beacon...
I hold my heart and watch its yearning
But now the night falls and the embers're burning into ash
I do what what I do and I do believe that one day
I will be the best me... the best of me...
Track Name: Without
You're running away from me
But I know that it's you I seek
Why won't you catch me?
Cause I will not be without you.

In the end, all you say is in your mind it's just a game
All the words, all the thoughts come to nought.
I will not feel, I will not blink, I will not think without you....

In these arms of mine are shadows of dimensions
Far between all I've ever wanted and ever been...
Track Name: Pain
I threw my cares on to the sea,
I saw Poseidon weep for me...
Oh so strange...
I drew a line in the sand,
I swear I saw him reach a hand...
Oh so strange...
I took a trip to his room
And then we danced under the moon...
I can't say
All of the time that went by,
Every wave the sands chastised...
I'm in chains

Wash them askew
Deep in the blue
Cleanse the hurt away...

I didn't try very hard
You went and left me so scarred....
I can't say...
Every hello, every goodbye
Every first kiss, every last sigh
I'm in pain!

Wash it askew
Deep in the blue....
Cleanse the hurt away...